Utilizing Icetrax at our competition provided our event staff and competitors peace of mind...
~ Christine Trimpe, Chairperson Berkley Royal Skate-Fest, Berkley, Michigan

Capability to upload up to 4 songs with unlimited changes, used at all of your competitions in a time-friendly manner without CDs...   You have one less worry with your competition...the music. With ICEtrax, you now have a time-friendly, organized system that provides ease of use and no more CDs.
Worrying about your music? Not anymore. With ICEtrax, eliminate the worry of your music not playing because of skips, compatibility, or forgetting your CD.   We understand the investment skaters put in to their sport, time and money. ICEtrax eases your anxiety by managing your music with an easy to use system that is cost-friendly.

Your Music is Secure!

All music uploaded to ICEtrax is stored securely using skater-specific authentication all music on the server cannot be tampered with based on ASCAP and BMI copyright regulations. All music modified by a professional is also protected under these same regulations. Our software has been built to help skaters and skating arenas become self-sufficient by storing your music safely.

Join ICEtrax Today!

As a member of Icetrax you will not only secure your music, but you will also make a transition to the future. Icetrax is empowering you, the skater by giving back the ability to focus on what is important, the performance. With Icetrax, you can rely on the music playing consistently at any venue within the continental United States and have peace of mind that the quality will never change.

Join us today, and become one of the thousands that will have peace of mind there music will be available.